Enrolment Information

Glenfield Primary School is not currently zoned therefore we can take enrolments from any area. However, an enrolment scheme has been proposed and is currently under consultation to take effect in 2021.Please click on the subpage link below to view the proposed zone. 

Enrolment is by appointment with Jo Cowell, our enrolment officer, and you can contact the school office to make an appointment on 09 441 8730 or email
If you wish to visit the school or to meet with the Principal, Chris Cooper, prior to your enrolment appointment please contact us to arrange a time.

If your child has already attended another NZ school or you have arrived from overseas and your child has attended school there, then your child will be able to commence school on the day of your choice, following the enrolment.

However, if you have a five year old due to start school, then we recommend enrolling your child with time for pre-entry visits before they start.  Pre-visits assist children in developing a sense of belonging and happen once a week over a period of two weeks before start date.  

A parent information manual can also be viewed or downloaded from our website or is available at the school office.

If you have any questions or require any further information about the school, please do not hesitate to contact us.