Sport Opportunities at GPS

Glenfield Primary is traditionally very strong in sports and we believe it is important to offer our students a variety of activities. 

We encourage them to become involved in a number of sports and to ‘have a go’.

Opportunities are made for students to participate in rippa rugby, touch rugby, miniball, netball, soccer, hockey, swimming, cross country, athletics, volley ball, padder tennis, orienteering, diving and cricket.

We are part of the Glenfield Sports Cluster which provides professional development for teachers and seasonal interschool competition.

Weather permitting, a swimming programme operates from December to March. Skills for Life instructors teach swimming to Year 3 – Year 6 children during February and teachers take follow up classes. Year 1 and 2 teachers take their own classes for swimming. Generally senior students swim in the morning, middle school students swim between morning tea and lunch, and junior school children swim in the afternoon.

Classroom teachers take PE lessons each week to help develop motor skills and fitness.