Our School

Our School


Glenfield Primary School is a well-established school with strong community engagement. Consultation and information communication evenings are calendared each year depending on the current focus and provide our community with programme direction and reports on student achievement. We have open and collaborative learning environments that welcome community involvement. We encourage strong learning, focused links with families and welcome regular feedback.

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Family Zone

Cyber Safety

Partnering with FamilyZone

Our goal is to protect every student from online harm while still allowing them to take advantage of the incredible possibilities the internet has opened up. That’s why we’ve partnered with Family Zone, New Zealand’s leading provider of cyber safety and digital-awareness tools and services.

Family Zone helps keep kids safe online when they access the internet through the school's network. They can also keep your kids safe when accessing the internet through unsafe networks, such as mobile phone networks and your home WiFi.

Please visit our Cyber Hub to find out more information and how to install their software on your devices.

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