Keeping our students safe online


Family Zone

The safety and wellbeing of your children in an online environment is something that we at Glenfield Primary School take very seriously. It is for this reason that we have partnered with Family Zone to provide your children with as safe as environment as possible when they are working online, both within school and within their own home. Each child from Year 3 to 6 is given their own laptop and Glenfield School email address (for their duration at the school), which is monitored by our network and firewalls, as well as their classroom teacher on a daily basis. Students from Year 0 to 3 have classroom Ipads which are also carefully monitored. These boundaries also extend to their home environment, whereby we are able to monitor your child's browsing habits as long as they using their Glenfield School account.

In the News

Please select the link below to view a recent magazine article showcasing Glenfield Primary School's efforts in engaging and teaching our community about the dangers of the internet to our students.


Online Safety - Interface Magazine


Family Zone Premium Account

This year the school is also providing each and every parent at the school a free Family Zone Premium Account which allows you to install a simple application onto your home devices that allows you to monitor your own child's browsing habits as well as setting rules, online duration and a host of other features which are powerful and simple to use. We urge you take advantage of this offer, which you can find out more about in the details below.

Our goal is to protect every student from online harm while still allowing them to take advantage of the incredible possibilities the internet has opened up. That’s why we’ve partnered with Family Zone, New Zealand’s leading provider of cyber safety and digital-awareness tools and services.

Family Zone helps keep kids safe online when they access the internet through the school's network. They can also keep your kids safe when accessing the internet through unsafe networks, such as mobile phone networks and your home WiFi.

Please visit our Cyber Hub to find out more information and how to install their software on your devices.